If you ask me, I would classify my style of photojournalism as cinematic and emotional. I capture images that are honest and real. I am essentially a creative image reporter who captures the special moments of your day as they happen, naturally and with my personal touch. My objective is to provide photos that not only show what happened at your wedding, but also show how much of it was part of your wedding. In short, I am here to document the story of your wedding day in pictures.

I strongly believe in exchange and therefore meet my clients either over coffee or Skype before their wedding day to get to know their personalities, tastes, desires, and understand how they envision their big day. After all, you have probably spent a number of hours deciding on your dress or suit, looking for the perfect reception venue, thinking about your floral and table decoration. So why shouldn’t you spend an hour with your wedding photographer or filmmaker? The very one who will immortalize the most important day of your life forever. The one who will produce the only things you’ll keep from that day. A pre-wedding consultation helps me to be on the same wavelength as the couples who choose me. It’s a great opportunity to go over every detail of the wedding day and bond. I have long realized that this has a lot to do with the quality of the images I produce. The more my clients get to know me, the more relaxed they are, the more they can open up on their wedding day and allow me to really tell their story… and me too. With nearly 80 weddings under my belt and many years of experience in event planning, it is not uncommon for the couple to rely on my advice for a few details of the wedding. And I am happy to advise and advise them.

What I like about weddings ? I like the atmosphere, the ambience, the excitement and the hustle and bustle. But most of all, I love the process of capturing real moments and raw emotions between loved ones. I know that all this may sound cliché, but being married myself has only strengthened my feeling about this event so dear to loving couples. The couples who choose me tend to be those who are looking for a wedding photographer or a dynamic, competent, friendly and dynamic wedding film editor or director who has his or her own style, someone who is omnipresent and who will take things into his or her own hands if it is necessary to direct in the manner of a cool director and who will know how to blend in with a guest while knowing how to move around like a ninja in order to be in the best places at the key moments and discreetly when it is necessary. Someone nice who loves people and is also easy to get along with. I am very friendly and accessible by nature, which allows me to create a climate of trust very quickly with the guests. Guests who will not hesitate to ask me here and there for pictures.   



Here are some ways to describe my style and my manner of working


Honest and real images

I love scenes that capture personal and meaningful moments between people, some of my clients call them “stolen photos”. I call it “reportage”. I know how disturbing it can be to be in front of a camera so I will never ask you to pose. But sometimes I’ll slip you a little “hey it was really cool what you did, can you do it again please?!” during the preparation or during our couples session, but never during the ceremonies, of course.


Natural portraits

During the portrait session, I am able to create a series of natural and relaxed portraits thanks to small, easy-to-follow instructions. I always capture the natural bond between lovers and allow their love to shine through my images.


Crazy moments

As a creative documentary filmmaker, I’m always on the lookout for those unique and special moments that happen when no one is watching. My job is to be in the right position at the right time to record those perfect moments.



While my main job is to document your big day as it unfolds, I like to incorporate unique and unusual photos that add a little creative flare. I am always looking for different ways to show your story through unique perspectives, such as these images taken during wedding preparations.


Captured emotions

Emotions tell the story of the day. Throughout your wedding day, I will mingle with the festivities and get as close to the action as possible. This allows me to create images that capture decisive moments of your wedding to freeze laughter, bursts of voice, laughs and feelings on photo or video.


Pictures with the people you care about

The photos that are often the most important for the couple are moments of love, laughter and happiness with your loved ones. I don’t necessarily recommend extended family portrait sessions, but as it is important to you, I will gladly do so. Rather than having your family frozen and its members upright like stakes, I would prefer that they mingle and soak up the festivities. I will then have the eye and the lens of my camera or camcorder in their direction, ready to shoot a smile, a gesture, a look or a totally unexpected action. In short, I document all those fractions of seconds of the day when you and your loved ones will connect with each other.


Memories for life

Your wedding day is truly unique because it will bring together all the people who matter in your life. It is also an opportunity to create the images (photographs, video clip, film, report) that will be part of your family’s heritage and also what you will be leaving to your children, grandchildren and descendants. I am referring to thisOe photo of my grandparents that I particularly appreciate.  



I consider the details of the wedding to be an important part of telling the story of your wedding day. These details tell the story of you as individuals and who you are as a couple. I make sure to capture all the significant details of this great day as they are an integral part of the atmosphere.


Quality work and fast delivery

Many of my clients tell me stories of relatives who are still waiting for their photos six months after the wedding, photos that have aged badly because they had too much style. Rest assured, I guarantee fast delivery and timeless cinematic post-processing. I don’t pay much attention to overly marked styles that are certainly very pretty but will be out of fashion in one or two years. So I try to apply to my images faithful colors close to reality while adding my own paste and a slight grain that will not be without reminding … I hope … the most beautiful movies of the cinema.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I hope you enjoyed it and found it informative. If you have any questions about my approach to wedding video or photography, my services and their rates, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.